Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Island

Yes, this is well past due but here are some pictures from our trip to the Big Island. First stop, Hilo town and the panaewa zoo, Big Island Candies, Imiloa, and an ocean museum/discovery center.

We then drove an hour south to our rental near some lagoons.

Our "sweet" ride for the week.

Boys playing on the deck.

Leif feeding the fish in the lagoon in front of our rental.

At the tide pool lagoons two blocks from our rental.

Loving the water

Sharp rocks but we still had fun

Rainbow falls in Hilo town

Leif and Dad at Rainbow falls

Ocean discovery center

Piloting their "submarine" at the discovery center.

Volcanoes National Park

A view into a crater

Great views from the end of our hike.

All the boys loved the hike.

Lava fields near Kalapana

A black sand beach in the making

Delicious treats from maunaloa!

Playing tag with papaya trees

Not sure the name of this place but they made fabulous smoothies!

A stop over at Akaka falls on our way to Waikaloa

Talk about a HUGE waterfall!

Leif did a great job on this hike!

Next we spent a few days in Waikaloa on the kona side of the island. Talk about an extravagant hotel; way over the top in every way and worth the stay.

The view from our room.

Looking across to the other side of the resort.


Taking the resort's train back to our room

Later we took the boat back to our room.

An after dinner stroll by the dolphin pools

Leif and Amanda on the "Horton" bridge above the pools.

Kian loved playing in the splash pad.

Taking time out for lunch from a full day of swimming.

The Lagoon Spoon; one of our breakfast joints at the resort

Looking for good luck.

Relaxing along the beach on the resort.

Taking a hike on the "Kings Trail;" an ancient road full of petroglyphs

Enjoying lunch at the Kona Brewery; excellent beer!!!

Trying to polish off desert.

Scruffy but cute.

Our last stop out side of Kailua-Kona was the "original PCC."

Some of the oldest tikis in Hawaii.

From here, we were on to the Pacific Northwest...


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ooo, we've never been to those tikis before- they're awesome! Looks like it was an amazing trip. We miss you guys!!!!!