Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy 2011!

The new year is now upon us and we feel like things are finally starting to settle back down. We had many great visits during the holidays; GranMary, Nanna and Pop-Pop, and Grandpa. Furthermore, we all got to play "tourist" for a while and spent many a day seeing the sights. GranMary came with us to Waikiki while Cory ran his third marathon in a year; the three "dad's" went on deep-sea fishing tour that was in exciting conditions but never got one bite; Cory and Pop-Pop went sea kayaking near Kailua; Amanda and Nanna went to high tea in Kailua; and we also visited the Valley of the Temples, Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, the North Shore, and many of our favorite beaches. Not to mention there was also a graduation party and ceremony thrown into all of this; Cory earned his PhD.

For the boys it was the ultimate Christmas. Actually, it was more like three Christmas' over a three week period. First with GranMary before she had to leave, then with Grandpa before he flew back, and finally with our family and Nanna and Pop-Pop on Christmas day. Wonderfully spoiled kids:)

There are other things currently in the works that we will keep you posted on as they develop. So until then...enjoy the photos and aloha!

At the PCC

Fell asleep working on his letter books

Who knows

"Bee"ing silly. Leif drew, free hand, the picture on the right after the drawing on the left.

Exhausted waiting for Dad to cross the finish line at the Honolulu Marathon

Honolulu Marathon 2010

Leif and GranMary making a gingerbread house

Leif and GranMary reading books together

Heading to Cory's graduation

Cory getting hooded

A surreal moment, sitting with the faculty

Dr. Bennett

Ready to head home after the ceremony

Older dad's getting schooled by a preschooler

Happy more late nights or classes!

Kayaking near Kailua with Ric

Ric and Cory on an island just off Kailua

Taking a dip at a hidden pool

Mike and Leif spent many hours playing and making special paper airplanes

Needed a cat nap after all that play

Flat Stanley visiting us in Hawaii

Nana and the reindeer

Leif, Cory, and Nana frosting Christmas cookies

Riding the special/magical Honolulu Christmas Trolley

Look! It's Shaka Santa!

Christmas booty

The young Jedi thrilled with Santa's gift

Leif and Pop-pop watching movies on the laptop

Two of the neighbor kids and Leif playing with the new puppet theater

Crazy things they eat for breakfast

After Kian's blessing

Light-sabers and 3-D glasses

Leif and his Yoda drawing

"Yoda I am"

Cute Kian

The family at Leif's birthday party

Amanda said it would be a small party and said gifts were not necessary; Leif is in heaven.

Love hanging with Kai

Kian walking. He has been going at it for a several weeks now and he is only 10 months old.

Toot-toot! Exploring the Childrens' Discovery Center

The boys are jammin'! Hope you like jammin too!

I'm a little sea star.

Visiting Japan and having a little sushi

Watch out! Crazy driver coming through!

So...stay tuned for the next installment and aloha!

Cory, Amanda, Leif, and Kian