Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall is here :)


Fall is officially here; day time highs are now only about 84 instead of 90. It is funny to think that 6 degrees can make a difference but it does. We had a great Halloween, Kian's first and Leif's fourth. Leif decided to wear the costume Amanda made for him this year; last year he wouldn't even try on the Kermit one, though he did wear it for a bit this year. Go figure.

In other news, Cory successfully defended his dissertation and was able to make the necessary revisions before the deadline to graduate Fall term. This means that on December 18, 2010 he will become Dr. Cory Bennett! A great deal of credit is due to his wonderful and supportive wife. Who knows what possibilities await the Bennett's now.

Kian wants to walk so bad. He is crawling all over now and got his first tooth. It won't be long before he is mobile on two feet...then it will be a real challenge keeping up with these boys.

Annual family outing to the Pumpkin patch

Momma and "baby" looking for a good one

Leif found the perfect one to decorate.

Kian's first trip to the pumpkin patch.

What an incredible family!

"Dash" and his jack-o-lanterns

Sorting the booty...this was his idea.

Cory also attended the National Middle School Association's 37th annual conference held in Baltimore, MD this year. It was a great opportunity to learn and network. On his last day in Baltimore he was fortunate enough to have a personal guide of the Washington DC and the surrounding area (thanks Sheila!!).

Cory's hotel is visible on the left just across the street from the Inner Harbor

It was a beautiful day at our Nation's capitol.

Cory by the King Kamehameha statue

Aloha to our president

The view back towards Washington DC from Arlington National Cemetery

A breath taking and emotionally moving afternoon

Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

The Lee house at Arlington

Stopping for supper in Alexandria. Nothing like 32oz of refreshment!

Music with glasses in Alexandria

The Lincoln Memorial at dusk

Abe...awe inspiring

The Korean War Memorial at night

So have a great Fall and a happy Thanksgiving and we hope to see you in paradise, soon!

Cory, Amanda, Leif, and Kian

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family vacation


Here are the photos, as promised, from September. We took our first family trip to Kauai and stayed at a wonderful hotel in Kapaa. While we went because Cory was running his second marathon, we were also able to see some of the sights. Enjoy!

On the plane ride to Kauai

Leif feeding the chickens at the visitors center at Waimea

Leif and Cory at the Waimea Canyon lookout.

Waimea Canyon

Leif doing motor-boats at the pool

Waiting for breakfast

Kian loves the water and Cory is fried from the race

Tunnels beach. One of the best place to snorkel

Amanda at Tunnels

Kian boy

Leif and Cory by the big monkey pod tree in old Koloa Town

Mile 24, finally the last hill...2600 total vertical in this race

At the finish line and 11 seconds faster than Honolulu 2009

Feeling good but glad to be done!

Kian hanging out at home

Kian...all 20+ pounds of him

Leif trying on the costume he refused to wear last year; so cute!

Leif striking a pose in this years costume...wait until you see the whole family

Fast as Dash!

The boys :)

Amanda and Kian

We hope you are all enjoying your fall and we will post again soon. Be sure to wish Cory good luck; he defends his dissertation in nine days! So...aloha for now, all pau!

The Bennett's

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2010

Ok...this is what happens when you lock yourself in a room to write a dissertation. All you do is write, write, write. For over two months Cory has been doing just that. This is not to say that we have not been out doing things (the pictures prove this) but there seems to be no time for the "small" stuff, like updating a blog. As such, all of the pictures are already outdated since Kian is now nearly twice the age he was in some of these photos. Regardless, enjoy...these pictures are in no particular order...Cory doesn't have time to do this...he still has to finish his last chapter.

Huge adventure day, enjoy ice cream in Haleiwa town

Leif and Amanda caught a fish at the PCC, only ever seen two other people do this. They caught two or three this time (can't remember been too long)

Valley of the Temples; not a single nail used to build this temple!

Leif and Amanda at Valley of the Temples

The boys ringing the bell

One of our favorite beaches, Lanikai

Kian at Lanikai

Leif and Amanda playing at Lanikai

Love those smiles!

Leif and Cory got matching tattoos at the PCC

Kian chilling at the PCC

Leif and Cory playing the "rock hopping game" at the PCC

Fresh and clean!

Kian loves cruising in his car. The best $30 investment ever.

Cory saw one of the locals during one of his morning runs, a monk seal.

Crusin' Kian Kai

Leif eating our most recent home-grown pineapple

Fresh from the garden!

Prince Lot Hula festival, a family tradition

The boys!

Summer concerts at the Honolulu zoo were awesome this year!

Beautiful baby boy!

What a pair!

The Bennett family

Chilling at the zoo waiting for the show to begin

Leif loves his shapes poster. He can even tell you which one is the dodecahedron!!

September's update will be coming soon so be sure to check back.


The Bennett's