Sunday, January 13, 2008

Season of Celebrations

Aloha and mele kalikamaka

Much has happened since Thanksgiving. Leif, Amanda, and Cory attended the last regular season home game for the Hawaii Warriors football team. This was a very exciting, intense, and LOUD event and Leif did well considering all. For those who missed it Hawaii beat the Washington Huskies to have the only undefeated season in Hawaii history.

Go Warriors!!!

The end of December also meant Cory was on his long winter break. This meant going to the beach a lot and surfing as much as possible. We were also able to go to the Dole Plantation for Leif's first Dole Whip, Bishop Museum, the Honolulu Zoo, and to the parks but vacation mainly means beach time. Leif made a huge step in becoming an all-around waterman...namely, getting in the water on his own. One day it just clicked for him and he took off running to the water, sat down in the shore break and began splashing around!

A normal hair day at the Bishop Museum

Hanging out with Mom at the Honolulu Zoo

Dole Whip...oh so good!

First steps to becoming a waterman

Splish Splash

The Bennetts building a sand fort

Oh how I want to learn to surf!

Check out how cool I am.
This was also baby's first Christmas. Santa was especially nice to Leif getting him a big ball, a car, and a plastic dinosaur. However, his grandparents were the ones to really brighten his day with so many wonderful gifts. On Christmas day we did the usual. Have aebleskiver for breakfast, open presents, and then go to the beach! Life is great in Hawaii.

Barefoot and in short sleeves for Christmas--life is good!

Forget Santa...I'll get my own reindeer
Look at all those pretty lights

So many great toys...thanks everyone!

Leif on "Bob" the rocking horse.

Leif's Grandma and Grandpa also came for a short visit. During this time we went to the beach a lot ('cause that's what you do here), celebrated keiki's first birthday (see below), and attended Cory's defense of his Masters degree (a semester and a half early). All of which, were very exciting.

Grandpa, Son, and Dad Bennett
Family photo before Cory began his presentation

Cory and his beautiful wife after his defense

For Leif's birthday he had a pool party with 14 other kids coming to celebrate. He had his own cake that was wonderfully decorated by his mom and his very own Elmo balloon which was quite possibly the biggest hit of the week! Amanda and I are debating on when he will have another big birthday party as they are sooooo expensive (a big mahalo to Cory and Amanda's parents for throwing them parties when they were little--we simply didn't know).

Birthdays are so much fun...and yummy, too!
Two of my greatest things--Mom and my Elmo balloon.
Leif has also been doing many new things. He is saying "wow" a lot now and has learned the words for truck, balloon, spin, water, cup, drink, airplane, and bird though he does not say these. To our surprise he also taught himself how to spin--which he loves to do while dancing to his favorite song, He Ma'i No Ka Lani by Ale'a. Below is a short video of these skills.

Our dancing boy!

A big aloha to you all and we can't wait to see you again!