Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2010

Ok...this is what happens when you lock yourself in a room to write a dissertation. All you do is write, write, write. For over two months Cory has been doing just that. This is not to say that we have not been out doing things (the pictures prove this) but there seems to be no time for the "small" stuff, like updating a blog. As such, all of the pictures are already outdated since Kian is now nearly twice the age he was in some of these photos. Regardless, enjoy...these pictures are in no particular order...Cory doesn't have time to do this...he still has to finish his last chapter.

Huge adventure day, enjoy ice cream in Haleiwa town

Leif and Amanda caught a fish at the PCC, only ever seen two other people do this. They caught two or three this time (can't remember been too long)

Valley of the Temples; not a single nail used to build this temple!

Leif and Amanda at Valley of the Temples

The boys ringing the bell

One of our favorite beaches, Lanikai

Kian at Lanikai

Leif and Amanda playing at Lanikai

Love those smiles!

Leif and Cory got matching tattoos at the PCC

Kian chilling at the PCC

Leif and Cory playing the "rock hopping game" at the PCC

Fresh and clean!

Kian loves cruising in his car. The best $30 investment ever.

Cory saw one of the locals during one of his morning runs, a monk seal.

Crusin' Kian Kai

Leif eating our most recent home-grown pineapple

Fresh from the garden!

Prince Lot Hula festival, a family tradition

The boys!

Summer concerts at the Honolulu zoo were awesome this year!

Beautiful baby boy!

What a pair!

The Bennett family

Chilling at the zoo waiting for the show to begin

Leif loves his shapes poster. He can even tell you which one is the dodecahedron!!

September's update will be coming soon so be sure to check back.


The Bennett's