Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break

Once again a big aloha to you all!

"coo dude"
Not a whole lot new here in the islands. Leif continues to grow and get better or learn new things each day. He can recognize and name several letters and loves to count to ten. He has even started counting things (though he doesn't quite have the one to one correspondence yet) and can recognize, and say most of the names pretty well, for such shapes as square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, rhombus (no diamonds here!!!), star, and octagon.

My how they change...

Fall break just ended for Cory so we spent much of our time in vacation mode; going to the beach. The pictures speak for themselves so enjoy.
One of Leif's favorite past times...making circles in the sand (Euclid would be proud).
chillin with Mamma
Chasing and being chased by waves

Hanging out at Alii beach in Haleiwa with 18 foot waves rolling in
Making forts and castles in Kailua

Amanda has been busy with her Honolulu Mommies group, quilting (she made Cory a quilt of a Golden Rectangle for his birthday), and being a great mother. Cory just gave a presentation at the annual Hawaii Association of Middle Schools conference on mathematics and adolescents. He is still working like mad on his National Board certification but looking forward to the winter waves (and a new surfboard???).
Leif eating some of his dad's "happy cake"

This year Leif is going to be a ghost for Halloween. Amanda made him a great "ghost suit" and matching shirts for the two of us as well; they look awesome!

Wearing his bucket on his head

Leif was getting a real kick out of doing this


We got a smokin' deal on passes to the water park in Kapolei and Leif has been loving it. We never thought we would own a seasons pass to such a place but it has been a ton of fun for the whole family. Sometimes Amanda and Leif go with the Mommies group for a late morning play date.
Leif and Amanda on the "orj slyd"

Lovin' the "Water--Park"

Words can't express how much we love living here but maybe a picture can!

Leif is also becoming more expressive as he gets older. From time to time he will start making funny faces or say things in different voices and then just crack up at his silliness; we do, too.
What a comedian!

Leif and his new George...he loves it so much!

We will be going to Washington for Christmas this year and are very excited to see our friends and family there. We will only be around for a couple of weeks but if any of you are interested in getting together please drop us a line; we would love to see you.

Aloha to you all and we can't wait to see you all again!