Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Da Big Move

Aloha mai kakou!

It didn't take long for 480 square feet, the size of our old apartment, to feel like the walls were closing in on us as each day passed. After many hours looking for new places to live we finally settled on the community of Iroquois Point in Ewa Beach right at the mouth of Pearl Harbor. We are now in a three bedroom duplex but the only thing we share with our neighbor is the carport that is between each unit. In essence, it feels and looks like a single family home (finally). We have a nice yard and are a block away from a nice lagoon with a walking path around it, three parks, a private gym, and a pre-school cooperative which will be nice when Leif is older.

The new and improved living room

Our lanai

Leif's room

Perhaps one of the nicest amenities is the long beach with cabanas, palapas, and playground equipment less than a ten minute walk from our front door (8 minutes and 30 seconds...I timed it at a regular walking pace). Our evening walks frequently include a stroll to the beach; it doesn't get much better than this.

Fun at our beach

Only 8.5 minutes away

This was also Leif's second Easter. For his first Easter grandma Mary got him some beach toys which he has been playing with for quite some time now. This year the Easter Bunny brought Leif a few books, jumbo crayons, a coloring book, a toolkit and pouch, a small chocolate bunny, and a package of pink Peep bunnies. Leif also participated in a couple of egg hunts at the local park and beach. He loved running around and finding the colorful eggs.

What fun!!!

Spiderman the builder

Peeps...oh so yummy

He certainly seems to changing so fast and in so many ways--it is amazing to see how much children change in such a short time. Leif has also begun to learn different body parts. He can point out his ears and Mom and Dad's (Amanda and I) nose and ears, give high-five, and is learning more words all the time. Perhaps his all time favorite thing is still his books. We had to put his "big boy" books on the top shelf in his closet, but he knows where they are and sometimes throws a fit if he can't look at them. It is so cool to see him have such an appreciation for books; we hope it always stays this way.

Wanna read?

Leif at his first modeling photo shoot

April will be a very busy month for us as we are hosting three sets of guests for the entire month. Cousins Jenny and Steve and their little girl will becoming shortly for a little more than a week, followed up with Amanda's brother for a week, and then cousin Laurel for about two weeks. Then in June we are planning on visiting family in Nebraska for a couple of weeks. We will certainly be very busy over the next few months (as Cory is also finishing up his Master's program) but we look forward to visiting with so much of our family.

So until we see you next a big aloha to you all.

Cory, Amanda, and Leif

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Marhing into March

It has been a very busy beginning to the new year. Leif and Amanda have been going to many play dates with other mommies and their keiki--beaches, train rides, children's museum, parks, hikes, and parties. Leif loves playing with the older kids and does pretty well with them considering he is just barely one year old.

Mom and Leif hiking to Makapuu light house--Mommy
club rules state that mommies must wear the designated
uniform and have a toe-head blond as a child.

Hanging with friends and enjoying some ono food at the Valentines Day party

I'm not so sure about this train ride.

Leif also loves to read his "big boy" books. These are picture books with regular paper pages (instead of board books) and has had many fits or tantrums if he can not read them. Putting these book up on a high shelf doesn't work as he then tries to climb up the furniture to get to them. He simply loves to read. Often he will be sitting by himself reading out loud. This consists of making a variety of babbling sounds as he looks at the pictures and turns the pages.

I love my "big boy" books!

Some times I just need to relax

Leif has also begun to make a new babbling sound using the back of his hand and his mouth. He loves doing this (check out the video below) and ends up cracking himself up as a result.

We will also be moving to a new house in a couple of weeks. It is located on former military housing but the houses are managed by a single rental agency. This is the largest house Amanda and I have had with over 1200 square feet of living space and a nice wrap-around lanai. It has three bedrooms, a nice back yard for Leif to run and play in, and is walking distance to some nice parks and the beach! We are all very excited to have more space. Technically it is called a duplex because it shares a roof line with another house but the only part of our house that will be next to our neighbors is our carport (which is between the two houses). Call it coincidence, but it is like the movie Field of Dreams--"build it and they will come." Now that we have a bigger place we have family coming to visit for the month of April (they can help unpack, yeah!!!). Thank goodness for the added space as it would have been tight in our little one bedroom apartment.

Our soon to be new house

Aloha for now. We hope to see or hear from you soon!

Cory, Amanda, and Leif