Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeling Like Fall

Aloha everyone,
Fall is here in the islands which means the temperatures range from a morning low of 75 to an afternoon high of 85, give or take a couple of degrees, and it feels great. A lot has happened since our last post including two birthdays and Halloween. We will just cut to the chase and show you some of the great pictures as they often are worth a thousand words. We'll start with a little Halloween action:
Leif picking out his pumpkin at the "pumkin match"

Finding the perfect one

Enjoying the views from on top
Just one year ago...

Out collecting booty on Halloween

Enjoying the spoils with Mama on Halloween night
Amanda has been hard at work making Christmas presents...I'm giving away any secrets so don't even ask, and Leif is getting bigger in size and vocabulary. He is now learning some of his letters and learning to count to twenty. He does eleven and twelve real well but then he just likes to say which ever of the "teens" he likes, the order changes from time to time.

having a "whole party" with friends

Our sweet little rag-a-muffin

Helping Mama blow out her birthday candle
The winter waves haves have officially arrived and Cory has been out a few times, though in nothing too big yet. His new board should be arriving any day now though the shaper and glasser are on Hawaiian time (the board was ordered in July). Cory has accepted an intern mentor position at UH working with students who will be finishing their Master's in Teaching spring semester. He will retain his position for the following school year but for spring semester he will be working with 6-9 teachers at their schools; this means that he will be out of the classroom next semester. This position is part time (though he also retains his full salary through the DOE) which means he will have time to work on other personal professional development which will include finishing his written commentaries for National Board Certification and possibly two additional classes for his PhD course work. It will be tough being out of the classroom but this is an amazing opportunity he can't pass up.

Leif telling Daddy about his day

Asleep on the ride home from the Bishop Museum
Of course, we are still going to the beach. Leif is so much fun at the beach now. He loves to explore around the rocks and look for "lille fish" and crabs as well as climb on the rocks, making forts and castles in the sand and even occasionally going out for a swim with Mama or Daddy.

Loving the beach!!
Life doesn't get much, sand, and family!
What a sweet ride
We hope all is well back on the mainland and look forward to seeing some of you come Christmas!
Cory, Amanda, and Leif