Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Cold February

February is "almos pau" and our lack of posts shows just how busy we have been. Amanda is staying busy with her mommies group, Leif playing with his friends, and Cory with school and National Board stuff. February started off with the best weather on the planet, blue skies, gentles breezes, big surf, and the warm rays of the tropics but the last couple of weeks have been cold and stormy. Cold is, of course, relative. Our high temperatures have been around 75 with our lows in the lower 60's...don't laugh...but this really is cold! Anyhow, enjoy the is clear that we are loving life and watching our little boy grow up!

Helping Daddy with the coffee beans

Zebra...check, paper airplane...check. Now he's ready for church

Leif's mini-water park was a hit...until a stray cat attacked it.
Beach time is always important for us...and early in the month we were able to get to the "country" a few times to soak up the sun, play in the tide pools, and surf (at least Cory did). The North Shore is hard to describe if you have never been there...there is something simply magical about it.

Momma and Leif at Chun's tide pools

Having fun at Chuns

Looking for shells in the tide pools at Chuns Reef
Singing the ABC's
We had a great day not to long ago in Waikiki. We went to the zoo, crossed the street and played at Waikiki beach, and then got a special cream! Waikiki sure is crowded, but it has its perks, too.
He sure loves his ice cream!

Up until a couple of weeks ago the surf was really pumping. Cory was out on one of his biggest days yet, solid 10 footers with some 12 to 18 footers rolling in from time to time. After his surf session he went to check out the "pipe"...aka the Banzai Pipeline. The surf forecast for the day said that there would be 6-10foot faces. Check out the pictures and video below to see if you agree (double clicking an image will make it appear full-screen). Also, check out the current in the video...things were intense that day.
An image from Cory's surf session

Not exactly a day for a swim

Can you see the surfer?
In Hawaii we call this a 5 foot wave...NUTS!

Leif is also into doing "projects" now and he recently discovered markers...thank goodness these were washable!
our shaggy haired boy...we tried to give him a didn't work so well

making circle balloons...still one of his favorite things to draw

"dancing Leif"...Leif laughs every time he watches it

Again, we hope all is well with our friends and family and look forward to seeing you again! And, hopefully we get some warmer weather again, too!!

A hui ho

Cory, Amanda, and Leif