Sunday, May 2, 2010

Family of Four

Aloha! Not a whole lot going on here in the islands besides enjoying life as a family of four. Kian has been growing and changing a lot and the photos that follow show some of these changes over the last month.

One of our first outings was to the Dole plantation with Auntie Maggie for some much deserved Dole Whip.

New family of four

The two brothers

Made to order...

...waffle cone all to himself

Our own "Pineapple Poet."

Another outing was to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore in the town of Laie. Everyone had a great time and Leif really got into doing some of the other activities. He especially loved Aotearoa with the stick game and the poi balls.

Leif and Daddy learning how to twirl poi balls

Hanging with Auntie at the PCC

We had some time to kill one day as we were waiting for a doctors appointment near Moanalua so we decided to stop by the gardens. There is something magical about the place and crazy to think it is right by the freeway. Anyway, the whole family had a great time.

Checking out the koi pond

Kian doing what he does best; sleeping.

Making funny faces

Like two peas in a pod, two monkeys in a tree

Smiles all around at Moanalua Gardens

One day Leif decided that he wanted to try and catch rain drops in his mouth. This was certainly a surprise as he is very adamant at night that he doesn't want any water in his eyes when he takes a bath.

Getting soaked trying...

...but having a great time.

Leif loves to give little brother hugs all the time

It only took one month, but he finally put on his big brother shirt.

Leif and his neighbor working on their writing in the back yard. He absolutely adores her.

Amanda and her boys.

Easter was a big hit again as we dyed eggs, had three egg hunts. Thanks to Uncle Jeff and Auntie Kim Leif scored big in the candy department.

Leif with the neighbor girls. Two of Cory's students are in back trying to hide.

Just for giggles we have included two pictures that we feel exemplify the growing similarity between Leif and Kian. We will leave it up to you to guess which of these, Boy A or Boy B, is Leif and which is Kian; both pictures are taken when each is about 6 weeks old. Regardless, it is clear that they look like brothers.

"Boy A"

"Boy B"

Cory has been fortunate because he has been able to take some family leave to help out around the house. Sometimes this means getting Leif out of the house so Amanda can take a rest. On this day we loaded up the bike trailer and rode the three blocks to the beach. Not a bad way to spend the day.

Boy, snacks, water, sunscreen, beach toys, towels, blanket, shovel, and soccer ball.

Staying hydrated in the hot sun.

On another occasion Cory and Leif went to the local library as they were passing out free comic books that day. They also had some "space rangers" (had to relate it to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story). Leif wasn't too sure what to make of them but by the time we left he really like the black space ranger (but not the white ones) and even blew Darth a kiss on the way out the door.

The "black space ranger," Cory, and a not so sure Leif

Kian enjoying our local beach

The boys having fun in the sun

Leif on the "jumpy ropes."

Showing off his new trick, a shaka!

The boys at bed time.

Got to love those smiles :)

So...aloha for now...

Cory, Amanda, Leif, and Kian