Sunday, July 8, 2007

Vacation Is Great

Vacation sure has been nice. We have been going to some of our favorite beaches that we don't get to visit often because they are just so far away. Last week we went to Waimea Bay and arrived early enough to actually get a parking spot. Talk about a beautiful view. Crystal clear blue water even out in the deep areas, a gentle breeze; and a long, wide, and soft sandy beach. Certainly all the makings for a perfect day at the beach. Yet it got even better. A large pod of dolphins (about 20-30)decided to play in the bay. Amanda spotted them first and they were spectacular making huge cork-screw jumps completely out of the water. Taking a dunk by the shore you could even hear them talking under water, which was a good 150+ yards away. Of course, I couldn't sit on the beach and do nothing so I swam out with them. I had these beautiful mammals (PS mom--sharks aren't mammals) swimming below and around me for what seemed like hours though was probably like twenty minutes. Definitely an unforgettable moment.

Leif liked Waimea also and decided to go swimming. He goes mostly with his dad but this time his mom decided to go out into the water with us and she held/swam with him for a while, too. It was certainly a great day.
The 4th of July was another first holiday for Leif and as such we celebrated in grand style--five sparklers. Next year we will head back to the beach and watch the show in town as Amanda and Cory have done on previous Independence days.
We also went on our first family hike to Makapu'u Point. We got up early and made the long drive but it was worth it. The views were awesome and it was clear enough to see over to the island of Molokai'i. Leif liked his backpack and even commented on how hot pink is rather becoming of him. Amanda and I agreed.

The surf has gone down so we will be heading back up to the North Shore again this week, most likely to Sunset or Sharks cove (great snorkeling here this time of year). We'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Being so far away from all of those we love can be difficult. Thus, we are trying a new method to keep everyone up to date.

Right now, Cory is on vacation and a great south swell has arrived as if in celebration. Amanda will be starting yoga, while Leif does what he does best: eat, sleep, and play (at the beach!).

Enjoy the recent photos.