Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aloha! School is back in session for Cory, Amanda has been going to yoga, and Leif gets to play with his new friends Elijah and Dylan. We traveled back to Washington to say aloha to auntie and sister Emily at the end of July--A difficult yet releasing time.

Back at home Leif has been learning to crawl, though just barely. He has gotten up on his hands and knees and has moved backwards a wee bit. However, he is rolling around like crazy. You put him in one spot and a couple of seconds later he is across the floor (easy to say in such a small space). He also loves his bath time!

It looks like this will be a great year at Cory's school as the kids are truly wonderful. This is also the last year of Cory's Master's work and then it will be on to Ph.D. (yikes!). Enjoy the photos and hopefully we will see some of you in our neck of paradise soon.

a hui ho