Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Joy

Aloha and happy Easter

Even though this is Leif's third Easter it is the first one he has really gotten excited about. There was so much talk about the Easter bunny, singing Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail, decorating eggs, and playing with plastic eggs--even a few "practice" egg hunts to get him use to it--that Easter was exciting for the whole family.

Chocolate treats and a balloon...the Easter bunny was good to him

The new hair more below

Being silly with Dad

Leif and Momma with his new easter chalk
Going on an egg hunt
The weather has finally gotten better and we have been able to go to the beach a bit more, though it is still a bit on the windy side. The wind does mean that we got to fly Leif's new McQueen kite which he bought with money from his grandparents (he has a little piggy bank in his room). He loves the kite and now that he knows how to do it he doesn't want anyone to help him hold on...he gets excited when a big gust of wind blows and he says "Speed! cha-cow!" just like Lightening McQueen.

Flying kites at the beach

Trying it on his own
Leif checking out how big his pineapple is growing at home

Leif and his best friend Ronan
With Cory's flexible schedule this semester we have been able to get to the beach on those few days that it was nice. This included going to the Honolulu zoo, Waikiki, and Ala Moana beach park--the latter two are great for Leif to play in the water.

Seeing Rusty was a real treat...he is usually hiding.
Hanging out at Alamoana Beach Park
A big kiss for Momma
Gobbling up his animal crackers

Jumping with George
We have also been able to get to our beach after dinner from time to time, though some days are certainly colder than others due to the wind. Regardless, Leif loves the "jumpy rope" so we usually end up playing there for some time.

Taking a "little walk" to the beach
The plumerias are in bloom again

Swinging away on the jumpy rope

Some evenings are colder than others...even in the sun

Having fun!
Playing with Momma
What a great pair
Leif is currently into reading a lot of non-fiction, especially books about sharks, the ocean, coral, and fish. Thus, it was quite a surprise when grandpa and grandma sent a book about just these things. The book included a poster of a great white which Leif insisted on putting up above his bed. Sometimes when he goes to sleep he even tells the shark goodnight. At first we thought it might be too scary but he told us that it is "just a nice shark."

Leif and his "nice shark"
Leif's hair was starting to get a bit shaggy but he hates getting his hair cut. So what do we do as good parents??? Yup! Bribe him with ice cream. We tell him that he can have some of his "trim" ice cream if he will sit and let Daddy give him a little trim. In order to get a decent looking hair cut this process takes about four tiny scoops over a week.
Bangs are done
Amanda has been very busy sewing as usual. If you haven't checked out her quilting blog yet there is a link above under "Other Interesting Sites." Otherwise, we hope you are all well and look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.
aloha and a hui ho
Cory, Amanda, and Leif